Friday, 7 November 2014

Masterchef: the Professionals 2014

So the big Masterchef news over the summer was the departure of the much-loved Michel Roux Jr (fancy still being called 'Junior' when you're in your fifties) in a dispute with the BBC over Roux advertising potatoes.

That left a vacant slot for a high-flying chef/judge, and there were screams of horror, outrage, downright terror when it was announced the new guy would be the devil incarnate himself, Marcus Wareing.

Wareing has appeared as guest judge on Masterchef and other shows, and could always be relied upon to be as mean as possible. I once saw him reduce a grown man to tears. I got the impression that the only person who could cook well enough to please Marcus Wareing was, well, Marcus Wareing.

But he seems to have changed and acquired a pleasant side that can even admit to him liking the odd thing. Although he can still spit out stuff he doesn't like. He could have ruined the show, but no, it's business as usual with endless waves of Masterchef wannabes torturing themselves in their pursuit of perfection, and occasionally humiliating themselves by doing something absolutely bloody stupid.

Great entertainment.

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